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Bright Future Financial work closely with Castle Investment Solutions to bring you the very best investment opportunities when it comes to Discretionary Fund Management.

Discretionary fund management

A Discretionary Fund Manager is an investment specialist who runs our clients' investment portfolios on a day to day basis. They constantly monitor the markets and performance of investments, giving them the best chance of maximising returns. Investment portfolios are individually tailored and managed according to our clients' specific needs, requirements and attitude to risk.

If we feel Discretionary Fund Management is the right solution for you, we will select an appropriate Discretionary Fund Manager with the assistance of Castle Investment Solutions.


About Castle Investment Solutions

We work with Castle Investment Solutions in order to provide the very best service to our clients. We utilise their expertise and extensive due diligence on Discretionary Fund Managers to ensure we have the necessary information and confidence to recommend appropriate Discretionary Fund Managers to our clients.


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Existing clients can access Castle Investment Solutions online facility to view information about their Discretionary Fund Manager plus obtain regular updates on their investment portfolio.

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