Our approach

A high quality service you can trust

We aim to stand out from the crowd by providing you with a highly individual service based on the highest possible standards, delivered by high calibre professionals who you can trust.

We provide you with expert financial advice that will help you preserve and grow your wealth. We're dedicated to improving the financial prosperity of you and your family.

Getting to know you

We strongly believe the deeper the understanding we have of you, the better the outcome. We invest time and have a genuine interest in getting to know you which enables us to gain a clear and comprehensive understanding of what matters to you and your individual aspirations.

From the outset you will be liaising with company founder and principal financial adviser David Boyce, who will be your primary contact throughout your financial journey. Guided by his knowledge of your objectives, attitudes and priorities, he will develop a holistic financial plan which delivers a solution to meet your individual needs and one that will be flexible enough to adapt as your life changes.

Developing long term relationships

We seek to build enduring relationships with our clients characterised by the highest standards of professionalism and based on the key principles of honesty, integrity and impartiality.

We get immense satisfaction and personal pride in what we do as each day we are helping to make a positive impact on our clients' lives, helping them fulfill their objectives and look forward to a bright future.

Whether you’re looking for a robust financial plan, a strategy for investments, want to make provision for retirement or long term care needs, or simply need advice about a financial matter, we’re here to help you.

Straightforward, friendly and unbiased

We take a calm, considered and friendly approach to advising our clients, cutting through complexities and providing honest, transparent and straightforward advice. You deserve to fully understand the advice we are providing which means there’s no unnecessary jargon for you to decipher, just simple advice delivered in a clear manner so you can be confident you are making the right decisions.

Our personalised service to you is based on absolute integrity and independence of judgment. We take our independence seriously as it means that we remain totally unbiased, always acting in your best interests and putting you at the heart of what we do.

The first steps

Whether building a financial plan with you from the start or reviewing your existing arrangements, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your objectives.

We assist clients thoroughout Exeter and East Devon, West Dorset and South Somerset. Take the first steps to a bright financial future by contacting us today to arrangement a free no obligation consultation.

We will meet with you at your home or workplace or at a location convenient for you. There is absolutely no charge for our initial meeting where we will explore what we can do for you.