Bright Future Financial supports fundraising for community defibrillators

Thursday 27th Sept 2018
Colyton Garden and Food Festival

Bright Future's marketing director, Rob James, is one of the volunteer organisers of Lyme Heartbeat, a local group set up to raise funds for the installation and management of Community Public Access Defibrillators (CPAD) in Lyme Regis and surrounding areas.

A defibrillator is an automatic device that can be used to shock the heart back into a normal rhythm during cardiac arrest. By performing CPR and using a defibrillator until an ambulance arrives, you can help increase the victim’s chance of survival considerably. For every minute without CPR and defibrillation, a person’s chance of survival decreases by around 10 per cent.

Bright Future Financial donated £100 towards the recent fundraising campaign for the purchase of vital lifesaving equipment.

Rob James, said: “I am very happy to help in giving something back to the community – something we at Bright Future are always looking to do. As a volunteer organiser of Lyme Heartbeat my objective is to potentially save lives by installing more defibrillators and give people greater reassurance that they have that lifeline if they or their loved ones need it.”

Bright Future's IFA and Chartered Financial Planner David Boyce commented “Bright Future recognises the crucial role that a defibrillator and correct CPR can play in saving lives, especially in more rural areas where it can take longer for emergency services to access the area. We were very happy to contribute £100 towards the purchase of a new unit".