Bright Future Financial supports Air Ambulance night landing site in Musbury

Thursday 28th January 2021

Bright Future Financial has made a £150 donation towards of the cost of installing a night Air Ambulance landing site in Musbury.

Devon Air Ambulance is currently working with communities to develop a network of floodlit community landing sites, which will enable it to carry out its life-saving service after dark.

Floodlighting is an essential component of a community landing site, for both safety and practical reasons as it illuminates the site during landing and take-off and helps paramedics when loading a patient into the aircraft and during transfer between a land and air ambulance.

The fundraising initiative, coordinated by Musbury Parish Council, seeks to raise around £3,500 to install a new lighting column and LED lights with a remote switching system so the lights can be activated by the Helicopter Emergency Medical Services Dispatch team prior to the arrival of the Air Ambulance.

Bright Future’s principal adviser David Boyce commented “We are delighted to support the night landing site project which will be an important asset for our local community. This project fits perfectly with our ethos of supporting local grass roots initiatives which enhance and benefit the local community. 

“It will be reassuring for the people of Musbury that if someone falls ill or is involved in an accident after dark, the Air Ambulance will be able to provide the most rapid treatment and evacuation of a casualty”.