David Boyce BSc (Hons), FPFS, Chartered financial planner, Certs CII (MP & ER)

Independent Financial Adviser

I believe that good quality professional independent financial advice, combined with a well-designed and reviewable financial plan, can help you to achieve, maintain and protect the lifestyle you want, for you and your family.

I’ve seen how this can be achieved since becoming a financial adviser in 1998, and I’ve had the privilege of being trusted by a wide range of clients in many diverse situations. I take the trust that clients place in me as a personal responsibility, and I firmly believe that professional financial planning can change lives. It’s why I do what I do.

My core beliefs are that for the best results, an adviser should be experienced, professionally qualified, independent, and must put clients at the heart of what they do.

Over my career I’ve given advice across all areas of financial planning, gaining in-depth experience advising in the areas of tax efficient investment planning, retirement planning, and inheritance tax planning.

Whilst working as an adviser for Britannic Assurance, Portman Financial Services, HSBC Bank (in the Southwest and Guernsey) and Tilney Bestinvest, my career has encompassed two of the largest stock market crashes in history. Therefore, I’ve seen the effect of falling investment markets and I understand how this feels as an investor and adviser. I also know how good advice can help to protect clients from market downturns, and provide opportunities to prosper.

I’m qualified as a Chartered Financial Planner, Retirement Planning Specialist, Later Life Advice Specialist, and I’m also a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society.

To meet the last two of my core beliefs, that an adviser should be independent and put clients at the heart of what they do, when I founded Bright Future Financial Ltd my number one criteria was that we would be a provider of Independent Financial Advice. This ensures that we are able to look at all options without restriction for every client, thereby enabling us to recommend the right solutions for our clients, no matter which provider or type of solution this may entail.

At Bright Future Financial we believe in taking care of people. We believe that if you do the right thing for your clients then not only will you have a successful financial planning practice, but you will change lives for the better, helping everyone to meet their personal aspirations and achieve a bright future.

David Boyce
BSc (Hons), FPFS, Chartered Financial Planner Certs CII (MP & ER)
Director & Independent Financial Adviser (IFA)

Email: david@brightfuturefinancial.co.uk

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